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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Ways of coping: The little things are the big things

This post is part of a series on ways of coping. Recently, I wrote about swimming and getting my emotions out through drawing and writing. The phrase 'the little things are the big things' is borrowed from my amazing friend. I want to write about five 'little things' which amount to 'big things'. Things which enable me to stay 'on track' with my moods.

Just as an aside, my moods are a lot more balanced out than they used to be a few years ago. I was frequently experiencing hypomanic states (highs, racing thoughts, euphoria etc) alongside suicidal lows. It was extremely difficult to live life with these polarised strands of highs and lows. It's thanks to a lot of therapy that I've been able to manage these highs and lows.

Here are five of my 'little things'.

1. Messages from friends
Just a few words can be enough inspiration for me to regain my belief in myself when I'm going through a rough patch. This is one from my best friend, I'm so lucky.

This is from a message I got from one of my best friends.

2. Instagram 
Just having a little scroll through my Insta feed or Pinterest at the cute, colourful and crafty images that gather there can brighten my day and distract myself from what's going on in my head.

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Rin Dawson @paperedthoughts

3. Animals 
Watching nature programmes or looking at pictures of my favourite animals.

Image result for planet earth 2
Image from BBC's Planet Earth II which is on every Sunday at the moment!

4. Beauty
From shower gels, to lovely smelling products, to nail paint and perfume.

5. Coffee. 
Words can't express how much I love coffee!!

I appreciate how annoying it can be when people suggest you just 'cheer up', 'don't worry'  or 'look on the bright side'. I'm not suggesting that there are quick fixes to emotional storms or any sort of mental distress or illness (whatever word you choose to use to describe what's happening).

But in my experience there are some times when the little things can take 'the edge off' and make things that little bit more bearable.

What are your 'little things'? Tweet me @TalkingAboutBPD :)