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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Art: My tool for mental health

Some of my paintings!

Sometimes I draw to release and/or communicate my emotions, kind of like having a conversation with myself. At other times, art is a way of relaxing and taking a break from the exhaustion of dealing with mental health stuff and the stresses of work or life in general. These are my 'galaxies' and a couple of jellyfish!

I find painting especially relaxing because the runny nature of paint means that it is less predictable than pen. Therefore I have to relinquish control and just wait and see what happens when the paint hits the page. 

Going out to paint with a coffee in the garden 

In DBT, some might call this skill 'mini holiday'. I like to make a coffee and then go and doodle or paint outside. This photo is from a period when I was in a period of depression and I had to take a few days off work. 

During that time I made some deliberate choices to do things that might recalibrate my mood- and art was a huge part of that. I drew this cute little fox too as a way of cheering myself up.

Drawing by me. 

I wonder how others use art as a tool for helping their mental health? I would love to hear from you @TalkingAboutBPD. 

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