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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Mental illness is NOT being 'an unhappy person'

TW This post mentions self-harm, eating disorder and suicidal thoughts 

I have, or have had, experiences with emotional dysregulation, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, an eating disorder and so on.

And yet that does not make me 'an unhappy person'. In fact, I LOVE my life and I love who I am.

This is me!

Yes, sometimes I go through extreme emotional distress, and yet that is not mutually exclusive with living an enjoyable life and loving who you are.

Some people with a mental illness might be unhappy, and many are. Especially if they don't have enough support or have trauma from their past or the mental health / psychiatric system, as is the case for many. People with a mental illness have lives with multiple factors that influence how 'enjoyable' their life is or how 'happy' they are.

Drawing by me!

I wish people could see that having a mental illness does not necessarily mean that you are miserable and that you are unhappy with your life or who you are. I think this is one of my least favourite stereotypes about people who have a mental illness. I am SO much more than the mental health stuff I go through.

Even though I have lived through an eating disorder (anorexia), self-harm, depression, a huge mental breakdown, BPD and more, I am one of the most positive, joyful, loving and happiest people I know! And I know my family and friends agree with me! 

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