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Spoken Word

I'm a spoken word poet and writer, my name is Rosie Cappuccino. I believe spoken word can make spaces for the stories of mental health and emotional distress that are too often silenced.

My writing has been performed with SBC Theatre, the UK's first Theatre Company of Sanctuary, as part of a sold-out 2016 tour and an upcoming 2017 tour. 

No Apology by Rosie Cappuccino. Too many people are apologising for trauma / abuse / mental health / injustice.

Cell: Distress is not a crime.  By Rosie Cappuccino. Too many people undergoing a mental health crisis are being detained in police cells. 

My work has been performed at venues as diverse as the Houses of Parliament, Camden People's Theatre, The Lowry Theatre in Manchester and Latitude FestivalI regularly perform my writing at open mic and spoken word events. 

Thank you to Rosie MacPherson, artistic director of @SBC_Theatre, for helping me make the video!

Here's a clip of me performing at Spoken Word London, one of the most energetic, inclusive, passionate and supportive spoken word nights I know. You can check them out @SpokenWordLondon on Facebook. 

No Apology by Rosie Cappuccino at She Grrrowls 

Ocean by Rosie Cappuccino at She Grrrowls 

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