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Sunday, 10 June 2018

My new website!

I've been busy making my new website, take a look here.

I hope you find it clearer, calmer and easier to navigate. I would love to know what you think! me know what you think...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

New Website Launch!

I am in the process of creating my new Talking About BPD website! I am excited to announce that I will be launching it during Spring 2018! 

I hope the new Talking About BPD website will be a calmer and easier-to-navigate place to be. 

If you would like to join my mailing list and recieve a notification when the new website launches, you can email me at my new email address:

or on Twitter:

I would like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me with Talking About BPD. The support has been phenomenal and I have learnt so much through my interactions with the online BPD community. 

Rosie x 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Blog Re-Launch Coming Soon!

Watch this space because over the next few months I will be revamping my blog. I'm really excited to be sharing something new with you as I continue to talk about my life with a diagnosis of BPD.

Me, Rosie Cappuccino!

I am not 'too much'...

Urgh, if I had a pound for all the times I felt I was 'too much', I would be a millionaire. I'm trying to accept that I'm not 'too much'. Me and one of my friends talk about this a lot because it's a feeling we both experience.

I'm trying to spend time with people who accept me for who I am- and who love me for my strengths of creativity, self-expression, sensitivity and enthusiasm.


It's something I've experienced a lot of. The emotional impact of invalidation for me been huge.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Mind Media Awards tomorrow!

It's the Mind Media Awards on Monday evening. It's going to be livestreamed on Facebook from 7.15pm.

I'm shortlisted in the category Digital Champion. I am overjoyed and I feel hugely privileged to have been shortlisted. I am so thankful to my family, friends and the online community for supporting me. 

I thought I would share my World Suicide Prevention Day video with you again. I think it's so important to keep going with conversations about mental health, suicide and BPD. 

YouTube Channel @TalkingAboutBPD

Saturday, 4 November 2017

'Invisible' distress

Thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences. It seems that many people have distress that isn't believed, listened to or taken seriously by others.

This is me talking about 'invisible' distress and how hard it can be talk about...

I don't want to hide...

When people say 'get help'...

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Ghosts: traumatic memories

TW This post talks about suicidal thoughts. 

Drawing by me. 'Ghosts making homes in my body'. 

Each time I emerge from a period of depression or a particularly difficult time with my mental health problems, I am left to come to terms with that.

I'm left with those shards of glass...those painful memories...

Those times I was suicidal scar on my mind. I sometimes feel traumatised by the experiences I go through. I have to spend time coming to terms with those experiences. I'm doing that at the moment. 

One way I sometimes think of this 'coming to terms' is with the idea of ghosts. 

These memories, these painful shards of experience, are ghosts. They want to haunt me. 

That's okay. Of course they want to haunt me- being suicidal has been traumatic for me. I can't push these ghosts away. If I do, they will rebel and cause me more pain. 

So I have to let them make their home in me. And if I make these ghosts feel safe within me, then I will feel safe too. 

I call this drawing 'ghosts making their homes in my body.' 

Rosie Cappuccino.